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Advanced Pet Diagnostic Care

Advanced Pet Diagnostic Care

At Pet’s Choice Animal Hospital, we do more than just wellness and preventive care. We also offer high-quality diagnostics and treatment for sick or injured pets, and animals suffering from chronic illnesses.

Our clinic is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and technology which allows our professional team to provide rapid diagnosis and effective treatment protocols for our pet clients. Our veterinary diagnostic services include:

  • Digital radiology—digital x-rays provide an enhanced view of your pet’s internal health.
  • In-house bloodwork—CBC (complete blood count) and blood serum tests are analyzed in our laboratory.
  • Cytology—cellular analysis to check for inflammation or infection.
  • Fecal analysis—diagnostic testing for internal parasites.
  • Ultrasound—a non-invasive imaging tool that uses sound waves to identify signs of internal disease.
  • Urine testing—used to identify infection, bacteria, and provide laboratory values for monitoring acute and chronic disease.
  • Ophthalmic testing–helps to maintain your pet’s eye health.

Pet’s Choice Animal Hospital also offers an in-house oxygen therapy chamber for pets who need supplemental oxygen support, in a clean and sterile environment.

Pet’s Choice Curbside Pharmacy

We understand that your time is valuable. On some days, you don’t even have time to get out of the car. Enter Pet’s Choice Animal Hospital Curbside Convenience—a fast and easy way to refill your pet’s prescriptions on the go. Just call us with an authorized refill, and within 24 hours or less, a member of our staff will call you when your prescription is ready. When you arrive, we will deliver it right to your car when you park in our designated Curbside Convenience spot.

To learn more about Pet’s Choice Animal Hospital’s veterinary diagnostic services, please contact us.